Find out about KCDMA

The Kansas City Direct Marketing Association, or KCDMA, has been supporting the business community since it was founded in 1948, when direct marketing was gaining momentum but modern direct marketing wasn't even born.

But the theory was still the same make the right offer to the right audience and you can expect a response. The whole process was more cumbersome back then, and today we have a lot more media to choose from.

As one of Kansas City's largest professional associations, the KCDMA takes pride in providing you with the types of educational opportunities and special events from which you can benefit most. Guided by our mission, the Board of Directors and dedicated KCDMA members ensure there are plenty of opportunities for individuals and companies to enhance their direct marketing efforts.

The mission of the KCDMA Community Service Project is to enhance the image of direct marketing within the Kansas City community by assisting a not-for-profit organization to achieve their marketing objective through the implementation of direct marketing practices.

The KCDMA is one of the most active and respected direct marketing organizations in the country, number 3 to be exact. Monthly programming features direct marketing experts from Kansas City and around the country. Programs and events are carefully selected to appeal to the broad membership base of the organization. We attract some of the nation's leading direct marketing experts to address the membership's monthly meetings. KCDMA is recognized for its ongoing commitment to the greater Kansas City community because of the KCDMA Educational Foundation and an ongoing Community Service Project.

As more companies test the direct marketing waters and realize how successful the discipline can be, they are making direct marketing an integral part of their overall marketing strategy. And when they do, they'll be interested in beefing up their expertise in the direct marketing field. KCDMA is truly an exciting organization in which to be involved. Check out all our member benefits.